Outdoor woodland photography exhibition - West Lothian, central Scotland, 2018

Good evening folks, and welcome to the page where I talk about my A Path Not Far outdoor photography exhibition.

The idea first came into my head in 2015. The idea was to have a series of photographs, about 12-15 or so, printed and displayed in woodlands across West Lothian over a period of time. The idea was initially explored and groundwork put in however the Partition project needed my full attebtion.

Now that some time has passed since the previous project, and the fact that my A Path Not Far work never appears to cease, I would like to complete this long harboured ambition to have a public exhibition of my woodland work, with a slight twist.

So what is the vision of the project? The aim is to have 12-15 images, at A3 size, at atleast two different woodlands running in tandem. That would mean 24-30 images at one time - the project work is numbering 60-65 already so no issues there. These images will be mounted and framed in water tight frames made of recycled polystyrene so that the prints remain untouched from the elements. They will thereafter be hung on trees, at eye level, using non evasive ways such as strapping. Once the exhibition is removed there will be no evidence of same.

So why do this? Well, as time goes on, and the more images I make, the greater desire I have in a tangible product at the end of creating a body of work. The exhibition would provide this. However, the greatest reason for doing this is to highlight the raw beauty the woods of West Lothian have. The county doesn't have the drama that other parts of Scotland have - it's not near coasts, Munro's or waterfalls - however it does have great beauty once explored at a more acute level.

Looking at the risks of the project, they only boil down to one or two things. It is relatively low cost in the grand scheme of things as it is believed between £800-£900 will cover the entire printing, framing and hanging costs. So in terms of project fulfillment, it will be completed. The main risk I can foresee to this more unique style of exhibiting work is vandalism and theft. To combat this, the images will be positioned away from main roads and will only be viewable for people attending the trails. The images will also be positioned next to pathways that are well used so that damage to vegatation is not caused.

Dates for the exhibition are planned for between August and October 2018, with a number of woodlands holding the exhibition. A live web site for the exhibition will also be created so that people know the woodland where they will find the work at any given time and also a place for them to leave comments and feedback.

The purpose of the project is to have woodland photographs shown in their habitat, and free for all. 

If you have any further questions, queries or anything else to discuss, please get in touch via john@johnirvine.org

Thankyou so much for taking the time to read this, it means alot.

 Sketch of proposed exhibition... I'll stick to taking photos, I promise!

Sketch of proposed exhibition... I'll stick to taking photos, I promise!